Sunday, April 26, 2015

Khaleesi is coming to Westeros

I was not in the best of places yesterday morning so I wrote fuck all and didn't even bother posting it. I ended up jotting down a line or two on principle then walked away from the keyboard.

Enough about that.

This made me laugh.

I am going to miss B-Rock. He isn't close to perfect, but he's a lot better than anything I have seen in a long, long, LONG fucking time. The cool thing is that when Hill-Bill wins we all get to see Tea Baggers (they called themselves that first so simmer down) get their collective overalls in a bunch all over again. Yeehaw, mothafuckas!

Okay, I have to go coerce a dog out from under the bed so he can poop outside.

Coerce looks like it's spelled wrong. I find myself doing that a lot lately - seeing a word, expecting a red line under it, then being shocked when there isn't one to the point I google the word just to be sure.

Weird. Wierd. No red line for either. Spellcheck is an asshole.

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