Friday, April 10, 2015

It's not 'suffice it,' you moron

Old people and children on bicycles. I am tempted to let Lucy Liu eat any number of them. They're small children so they haven't contributed anything and old people are done with whatever it is they were going to do with this life, so why not?

I was an accomplice to theft in the Bahamas. Said stolen item is now my coffee mug.

Coffee tastes better in stolen glass
I love having TGB proofread my non-dribble related things. It usually includes awesome phrases as she reads like, your computer has spellcheck, right? 

Anyway, the screenplay idea I've been working on is coming along.

I feel empty today. I feel like what's left is that bottom ring around the bottom of the glass after the drinkable part is gone.

I stole her copy of Road Beneath My Feet yesterday. I may just curl up on the beach and read it all day. So far, I like it. I see a lot of myself in the book. That just lends itself to my theory that we gravitate towards those just like us even on a subconscious level. I'm sure there is some scientific, nerdy explanation for it.

Also, he uses the correct suffice to say. I was reading upstairs when I came across that phrase, closed the book, ran downstairs and said to TGB, he says 'suffice to say' the correct way! The cockles of my heart are overcome! 

Then I ran back upstairs and read some more.


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