Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'll get you a satanic mechanic

I like to imagine you're sitting there waiting on my post in order to start your day; your coffee doesn't taste right, your head isn't quite ready for the day ahead, you've been holding your breath in antici...

I was thinking about that on my walk with TGB this morning. It was a glorious morning on the beach. Then I remembered that it is, in fact, Earth Day. I said to TGB, I just hope the seas rise a few feet so our place can be right on the beach instead of a hundred and fifty yards from it. 

Look, I stopped caring about saving the earth about the time I realized we're never going to stop electing scientifically illiterate Jesus freaks to Congress. I figure I may as well get some joy out of humanities need to shit all over the planet. A beach near that is soon to be a beach on property sounds good to me.

Now you can enjoy your coffee, exhale and start your day, itch having been scratched.

You're welcome.

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