Friday, April 17, 2015

I'd be flight and fancy free

I have to go tell jokes to a room full of smart people in the daytime.

Challenge accepted.

It's a strange thing: I was booked for the show in pre-op while we were waiting for TGB's oncologist. The details I was given were, essentially, that the show is about how laughter can heal or be therapeutic or some such shit. I think it's for shrinks.

Anyway, I found it funny to be in a room with my wife as she was waiting to get cut open again, having laughed our asses off about some stupid thing neither of us can remember anymore and getting asked to do a show about the very thing we do naturally.

There is no greater thing that I am aware of that can guard the soul of a man the way laughter can. I believe that to the point that it is almost dogma for me. If you can laugh in the face of a thing, be it cancer, death of a loved one, even just some rude asshole on the train, you have defanged that very thing. Whatsmore, you just gave it a huge middle finger and told it where to stuff it.

That's what I believe anyway.

I have to go wash my balls now.

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