Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I wish I had stayed

Hillary Clinton is my dog shitting outside in the pouring down rain.

The GOP is my dog shitting having diarrhea on my carpet, then stepping in it and leaving a little shit trail.

The dog shits outside in the rain, I still have to pick it up. And now my house smells like wet dog so maybe I spray some Febreze.

The dog shits does diarrhea on my carpet and I have to get on my hands and knees to clean it up, then steam clean my carpet where he shat and where he left a shit trail. Now I can't walk on the wet carpet until it dries and I want to kick my dog for being an asshole. And I got some of his wet shit on me so I feel gross and need another shower. And my house smells like shit for days.

Meanwhile my dog is spending the rest of his day licking his junk wondering when I'm going to feed him again.

I keep trying to find the point, but there really isn't one. My dog is going to shit somewhere and I am going to clean it up; one of these assholes is going to be POTUS and we're going to be stuck picking up the shit.

I wish I just stayed in Cabana 18.
I was raised to believe that voting was an awesome thing. We got to say who our leaders would be. It was a huge part of why the rest of the world wanted to live here. No one ever told me that voting was more or less a choice between someone uninspiring and a bunch of someones who make me wonder when we started letting the inmates run the GOP.

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