Thursday, April 30, 2015

I long to be held in her highest regard

Hi. How are you?

I have in-laws in my house and a random creative soul and soon a little chirpy Brit will be joining the lot of us.

I don't have dogs. They were sent on a vacation of their own.

Who is that beautiful baby on your wall?

She's getting married. To a boy. Who does gross stuff to her. Gross.
That is my baby sister. She's my favorite thing in the world.

I am listening to my wife and mother-in-law talk politics. I am amused.

There are two types of families: the one you are born into and, the one you choose. Sometimes you get lucky enough to be born into a family of people you would otherwise choose. This is one of those weeks we get to have a mingling of both types of family. I like that.

I hope you are well. If not, know that someone loves you. Not me, but someone.

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