Thursday, April 23, 2015

Haven't you heard?

I got to thinking about birds yesterday. I can track the improvement of my life over the course of my life, via birds.
This guy was was watching me on my morning walk with Lucy Liu and Dexter.
As a wee lad in the immediate outskirts of LA in places like City Terrace and Boyle Heights I would see pigeons constantly. Ghetto pigeons = rats with wings. As we moved further east along the I-10 and into La Puente the pigeons were replaced by seagulls that came from the massive landfill. Further east still, into Upland we would sometimes encounter crows.

I am not a birdologist, or whatever they're called, but I figure each new species that was the norm for whatever geographic area I was in was an upgrade up to that point.

Then I moved to Ohio. I don't recall birds. At all. It's as though even they knew the place sucked and were wondering why the hell we were all sticking around.

When I moved back home to California I ended up on the Monterey Peninsula. More seagulls. Annoying fucking seagulls. And the occasional turkey vulture. Oh, and sometimes turkeys. Sorta cool, I guess.

My last stop in California was in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Crows were replaced by their massive counterparts, the raven. Less shrieky, more intimidating. We also had the occasional hawk land in our yard.

Then I moved to Mexico Beach and got to hear the phrase, I love the black faced ones! 

His face is actually black. If you were assuming something else, you might be a racist.
I thought the word was ornithology so I looked it up and was right. Reminds me of OJ Simpson. I almost wonder if the O wasn't just a misspelling.

Like I was saying, my life measured in birds...

Three little birds

It has become far more interesting and diverse. Not a phrase I would have ever associated with living in the south. But it is true.

American as fuck
After dinner last night I went for a walk on the beach before the sunset. As I was walking I watched a bald eagle hover a few yards overhead with a giant fish in her mouth. Two ladies saw me staring over their heads so I pointed. Their eyes got huge and we just watched. It happens a lot.

There is a decided upswing to my life when measured in birds. Really, by any measure.

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