Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ANothEr unTiTleD meSs

I'm not catching up to all the music I want to listen to. And that is taking into consideration that I only watched tv as I drifted off to bed last night (American Dad/Family Guy) and haven't NOT had music playing most days.

I have been busy working on re-cajiggering (that's a word) my websites and building a new one. And writing a couple of short stories other assorted shit.

Seriously, the big hair and moustache makes Frank look very John Holmes in the above video.

Not Frank Turner

ThiS IS oNe oF thoSE moRNinGs i Don'T FeEL liKe wriTinG. sO i WIlL tAKe my cOfFee to tHe bEAch.

alSo, GO lisTeN TO emiLY BArkEr. hER voiCE iS onE Of my fAVorItE thINgs.

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