Saturday, March 7, 2015

You may bury me with an enemy in mount calvary

It is glorious outside. The sky is blue, the sun is so bright it hurts the eye, the ocean dancing.

Then I step outside and my balls crawl up into my abdomen because it is so friggin cold.

The weather is a dick tease.

Don't care, still gonna wear shorts and head to the beach.

I was reading an article in bed this morning about a new scientific theory that proposes how life began. I had to read some parts a few times, big words and whatnot. But it was exciting. Things like that excite me about what we can do as a species. It helps offset the dumb shit we do as a species in the name of some invisible man in the sky.

Am I the only dog owner ever tempted to slip a Benadryl or two into every meal for his dog? You ever want to do that for your kids? I don't blame you. Kids and dogs are equal parts adorable and fucking annoying.

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