Thursday, March 26, 2015

You could keep me floating

Normally I write this before I do anything else. Today, I took a detour to the new donut shop down the street. Four warm glazed donuts and a cup and a half of coffee later I am bouncing in my chair!

My boobs are a little smaller, but you get the idea.
What was I saying? I got a little distracted.

It may be the diabeetus coming for me, or the boobs, I dunno.

Fact: no heterosexual man can describe the woman's face in the gif above.

This is turning into a very misogynistic post.

Lighten up, sweet tits.

Also, I needed help spelling misogyny. 

If I was trapped on a deserted island for the rest of my life and could only have one song with me, it would be this one:

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