Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We gonna rock down to

I still own vinyl records. This morning my record player died. I am in mourning.

It's not your fault, Billy. It's not your fault.
I remember my first record player. It was baby blue, had an AM receiver and one speaker. I used to plug in the single ear plug after everyone went to bed and listen to The Mighty 690 ~ Baja Caleeforneeah y Mexico.

Holy shit, I was shocked to google it and see it still exists. And yes, I am now listening to it. Sorry Frank and John.

I'm kinda giddy. It's like running into a childhood friend and finding out that they didn't grow up to become an asshole. It's a salve on my mourning soul.

Whatever the hell I was planning on writing about is gone now. I am sitting back in my chair listening to the 80s come alive. Big hair, Jelly shoes, a bazillion bracelets, sweaters with the necks cut out draped over the shoulder, crimping iron... those were the best of times.

I can't even function anymore, so... here...

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