Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wake up, you got things to do

Today I wade back into reality. The dogs come home. I will miss sleeping in.

TGB has a couple more days off so we'll be spending some of that at the beach. And there will be lots of writing and music. It's a weird thing that last night I realized I didn't turn on the TV until 10:30 last night. There were a few errands run, some redecorating, and music always on. Lots of music. And searching for new music.

I remember being a kid and swapping cassettes. Let me borrow your Shout At The Devil and you can borrow my Diary of a Madman, and we would copy over some shitty tape our grandma got us (scotch tape!) and give it back the next day. Good thing grandma never listened to that Jesus music tape she got me.

Oh yes mijo, God bless those children of the beast.

I'm sure He will grandma. 

Are those girls your friends, mijo?

I feel like I did when I was a kid again. Music. I want it all. Throwing songs on a USB isn't the same thrill as hitting the play/record buttons, but the music is still the same thrill.

I've been obsessed with Billy the Kid lately. The Drugs is my song of the moment.

My coffee has run dry and the beach is calling me.

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