Thursday, March 12, 2015


Woke up at around 0330 this morning and haven't been able to get back to sleep. Ugh. We have to drive to Jacksonville for a concert then drive to Miami after the show. I should be sleeping, but I was awakened by thoughts of the morons with whom I left my dogs.

I showed up. answered some questions (all of which the little girl/woman behind the counter had answers to if she bothered to clickity click click her fucking computer and read our reservation), told the little girl/woman behind the counter that Lucy Liu is leery of men who are not me, but otherwise she is the most docile dog on the planet. Older woman comes around the counter and Lucy Liu melts for her. Then little girl/woman gets another person to help with Dexter, except she doesn't. The older woman gets Dexter (who would go with anyone, anywhere, anytime and not look back) while A MAN comes for Lucy Liu.

As Lucy Liu is leaning so far into me as to try to get inside of me, dipshit man makes the observation that, she is trying to protect you.

No fuckface, she is afraid of you. That you cannot tell the difference is making me reconsider my own stupidity for not looking into multiple boarding places instead of falling for the one with the nice pictures on the website. Apparently, Lucy Liu was surrounded by two dipshits.

Then dipshit man makes the stellar observation that she is wearing a harness. He actually said, she has a harness, that means she must be a handful.

Dear fucking lord, this man must be part of a special needs hiring program, on the inside. On the outside I tried to explain, that no, she is not a handful she just does not like men she has never met before and I use a harness because it is more comfortable for her than a choker, which isn't necessary anyway because she isn't a fucking handful, on the inside. Twat behind the counter looks at me like I have three heads, dipshit man handles Lucy Liu like he's afraid she is going to go full Cujo.

Between you and me, I hope she eats him and shits him out. I suspect he would make better fertilizer than dog handler.

My feelings walking out of there.
I'm hoping I'm just being hyper-sensitive. I'm hoping that in reality, Lucy Liu is being doted on and adored to the point that she, like Dexter, will be disappointed to leave the place.

But just in cases, I'm going to look for other boarding places.

No dribble til Tuesday. Gonna go get on a boat and see some bands.

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