Wednesday, March 25, 2015

three chord master plan

I am inspired by people who don't see themselves inspiring me.

I like it that way.

I have a friend who was working on Marriage Equality back before it was cool. I told him I totally support 'gay marriage.' I meant it. He looked at me like with a patient condescending look and explained that the term gay marriage is wrong.

Are you 'straight married' or simply 'married'?

I got it. And, I was inspired to look at the entire issue through the eyes of those directly affected while becoming considerably more passionate about it.

I woke up thinking about that friend this morning. He got word he is invited to run in the Marine Corps Marathon and seems rather proud of himself. I have at least two friends so far that are doing the MCM. I am not inspired to do so.

If anything, I am now inspired to go pick up so donuts and sit on the beach chowing down and sipping my coffee.

Sometimes my friends are just fucking show-offs.

I also woke up singing this song:

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