Tuesday, March 17, 2015

the things you try tell your self to make yourself forget

I had plans to tell you all about the cruise today, but the beach is calling and it's 77 degrees. Also, I have so many pictures to go through and blah, blah, blah.

So I am going to tell you one quick story about the weekend that touched me.

I told you about my friend Terry dying a couple of weeks ago. His memorial service was Saturday while I was away at sea. I really wanted to find a Terry moment to celebrate his life in my own way. Terry was an avid Counting Crows fan.

Then this happened: on the last night of the cruise, after the last shows were done and bands were starting to pack, Frank Turner took a handful of fans to an empty pool tucked away in the front of the boat. He had promised one fan that he would play some The Weakerthans for her. He sat her down in front of him, started strumming his guitar and kept his promise.

After a few Weakerthans songs he started pointing to people and asking what they would like to hear.

The Gorgeous Blonde asked for some Counting Crows. Then it happened; my Terry moment. Frank started to play Ana Begins, I got out my camera to record it because I thought, I want to hold onto this particular moment. I hit record and realized I was missing this very moment because I was squinting to stare at a fucking phone while the moment was happening right in front of me.

I put my phone away and listened. At some point I looked up at the stars and around at the small band of brothers and sisters who were gathered. My mind's eye caught a glimpse of Terry sitting on the pool step, drink in hand, smiling at the joy being experienced around him. He loved that kind of shit. And for a moment he wasn't so very far away.

Like I said, I put away my phone and listened so ... (watch the whole thing)

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