Monday, March 30, 2015

Son of a Mitch

I know I should sleep with a notepad or a voice recorder on my night stand.

Let's pretend I did that last night and I wrote the awesome thing in my head and now you are all blown away by some deep shit or whatever.

I just realized Wednesday is Mitch's death-iversary. I always loved me some Mitch.

Mitch Fatel is also funny. He is not dead. He is very short. Like shorter than me by like a foot and a half (an inch or two in normal people is a foot or two in short people).

The dead dad in Elizabethtown is a Mitch.

If your dad ever dies, even if he isn't a Mitch, you should watch Elizabethtown. It helps.

I really need coffee. And a notepad on my bed stand.

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