Monday, March 23, 2015

So I remember every face

I used to not really care about Dumb and Dumber. It just didn't seem like something I would like.

Then I met a guy who was always quoting it. He was hilarious. We became dear friends. What's more, we were always riffing off of each other in a way that made people think we shared a brain. We were in the military so we felt very much like a non-fiction Hakeye Pierce - Trapper John combo.

If you were a Honeycutt guy, get out now.
Our mind-meld made me reconsider my whole Dumb and Dumber boycott, so we got some beer and sat back and watched it together. I watched it as much because he seemed to love it as much as any other reason. First viewing I found myself laughing more at him than at the movie.

Fast-forward to 20 plus years later and I cannot help but bust a gut every single time I watch it. And if it is on I have to watch it. It's just fucking hilarious. But mostly, it was a part of someone else that they gave to me. It takes me back to my friend.

I think about that stupid movie a lot when I meet passionate people.

Last week I was at a show in Jacksonville and I was fortunate enough to meet Billy The Kid. I geeked out and told her my favorite of her songs was The Drugs. Then it got cool because her eyes got wide and she geeked out and told me the story of how the song came to be. Whether she has told the story a million times to other people or not, I am keeping it for myself.

But it felt very much like a Dumb and Dumber moment. There was this little part of her that she shared with just me in that instant. And now this one little song means even more to me because of it. When I pay attention, I get lots of those moments. People sharing some little thing that matters to them with you is just a way of them giving a part of themselves to you. Appreciate that shit.

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