Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life is wasted on the living

The sun isn't even up yet and already I am giddy.

Today is the day the dogs go to the boarders for a whole week! A week without my junk being slammed into by a small boulder. A week without having to say the words: get out of your asshole! A week of not having to wonder how much I can get away with without animal control actually taking them away.

Buh bye!
But first I am going to write this morning's post then head off back to nap.

We have a long week of music that begins tomorrow with a Frank Turner concert, then heads to a cruise with Flogging Molly and friends, and culminates with a concert in our living room with Beans and Toast. To say TGB is excited is a bit understatement.

To say that I am excited to be surrounded by drunk men in skirts kilts on a boat is bit like saying I am excited to be in a tub of Astroglide surrounded by proctologists.

Douglas Adams would have been 63 today. If I spend too much time thinking about what he might have created had he lived I get angry. I will never understand how men who contribute nothing but misery to the human species, like Dick Cheney, seem to live for-fucking-ever while we always seem to lose those few bright spots of humanity too soon.

The Gorgeous Blonde's latest lady crush:

As far as I can tell, Billy The Kid is TGB's only lady crush.

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