Sunday, March 8, 2015

I love women; I have all their albums.

Booger McFarland is a fun name. I also like the name Zoltan Mesko.

That's the shit that pops into my head when I watch my dogs eat each others faces. It looks like I have deep thoughts, but really, I just think about Boogers and Zoltans.

And Ha-Ha dicks.

I think it's International Bad Ass Woman Day or something. I married a bad ass.

Currently undefeated against: Iraq, the Taliban, cancer.
Most of you know I am an avid feminist - a feminist being someone who believes women deserve, you know, to be regarded as men's equal. If you think a feminist is something else, you're wrong. No, you are just wrong. Also, stop watching Fox News you imbecile.

I always loved Mary Shelley. Not just because she wrote my second favorite book in the world. Because she lived her life on her terms at a time when that was not allowed. I remember being in HS, reading about her and thinking, mmmm, that bitch is sexy.

Do your thang girl, I ain't madatcha.                                
Also, scientifically speaking, smart women are better in bed. It's true. They know how that shit down there works, they know what they like and aren't afraid to give you a handy how-to. Not that a stud like you would ever need instruction on pleasing a woman, you had momma for that, I know.

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