Monday, February 2, 2015

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it

Last night's Superb Owl lived up to my expectations. It was awesome.

And like everyone else I figured the Superchickens had the game in hand when they lined up on the one. Let Marshawn carry eleven Patriots defenders on his back and bring it home, I thought. That's not what happened.

Pete Carroll will be second guessed into eternity. Some of us will say the call not to run it on that play cost the Superchicks the Superb Owl. Maybe. Maybe the Pats would have found a way to stop Beast Mode. I doubt it. I'm just glad I am not a 'hawks fan or I would still be curled up in the fetal position this morning.

As is, I'm still shaken up by what I saw last night.
Of all the things I found most amusing was the way social media morons got all butthurt on the play after the Pats INT. A fight broke out instigated by some Superchicken defensive players and at least one guy got ejected. To me, it made sense. To others, it was as if some sort of unforgivable sin of sportsmanship was broken.

It wasn't.

These men spent an entire season having their bodies hammered on by other men. They sacrificed time with family and friends, their bodies and even their minds in the pursuit of one endeavor: hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. For the prior three hours they poured everything the had left into that pursuit in the biggest game of their careers on the biggest stage in sports.

The fight was not the result of poor sportsmanship, morons. It was the result of a very human set of emotions: frustration and anger.

I can only assume that those voicing outrage at the Seahawks as poor sports have never given themselves so completely to an endeavor only to have success snatched from them within site (sight?) of the finish line. Or else they're just assholes.

Last night's game was awesome. Even (especially) the heartbreak in the end. If my Chargers don't get in the big game next season, I want a rematch of last night.

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