Friday, February 13, 2015

When I say dance, you best dance

I am so excited about Valentine's Day tomorrow. Dudes hate it, chicks overvalue it. It is awesome. Get your popcorn and camp out in front of social media.

You. This is for you.
Anyway, I have something romantic planned. Don't tell TGB.

TGB and I noticed a sign on our way to Panama City awhile back and I kept meaning to take a picture of it because it makes for such a fun game.

It's the perfect answer to almost any question. 
Mommy, why did daddy leave us?
Jesus is the only reason.

Dad, why did mommy say you're a shit for brains?
Jesus is the only reason.

We played the game until it hurt to laugh. And yes, we went to a dark place really, really fast.

Honey, why did you get cancer?
Jesus is the only reason.

Try it, it's really fun.

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