Monday, February 9, 2015

We met in jail

Woke up this morning with my sinuses in a vice. Took drugs and ended up sleeping til 1300. Google that shit if you don't know what time 1300 is.

Also, I woke up a wee bit cranky. Benadryl knocks me out, but it leaves me feeling hung over. I hate feeling hung over. Waking up feeling hung over reminds me of waking up actually hung over and waking up actually hung over made me dread waking up at all because of the shit I likely did the night before.

Every. Single. Time.
Apparently there was an awards show for music last night. I've never really liked the Grammys and last night was no different. I'm more of a Golden Globes guy.

I can't stop looking outside.

That's the ocean on the other side of them thar trees.
So I am gonna go and recover. Check out page 37.

Maybe if Frank's ever in the Grammys... nah, I still won't watch.

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