Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've sung glory hallelujah won't you wash my sins away

The dogs heart worm meds costs have hit the limit of $200 for the year for each dog. Hope you don't need anything else or you are shit out of luck little dudes. Yes honey, I realize one is a girl.

Feel free to start a kickstarter or gofundme for them because if they get sick outside of their limit, tough shit. I am to dogs what America was to people pre-Obamacare. So if you're reading this and you hate the ACA, but you feel bad about my dogs, you're an asshole.

Daddy, why did Fluffy die?
As I posted that picture Lucy Liu slammed her head against the table leg. Can't tell if she is concussed or just stupid. She is not a smart dog. She is not smart at all.

I am tired of my email getting hacked. I get so many damn 550 errors that I am considering blowing up my email and starting over again. But then I know it will happen again. Interweb douchbaggery.

If you use the word meta, go fuck yourself. Then please do tell us all about it.

Last night, as the sun had just set the moon was already up with Mars and Venus in tow. So we had this amazing affect of the usual pinks and lavenders on the horizon with these three satellites creating
a crooked (Cheshire-esque) smile  above it all. We live in a universe that is far more interesting and awe inspiring than any archaic book about an invisible man in the sky could ever be.

Just yesterday I told TGB I was over-saturated with Frank. And yet...

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