Sunday, February 22, 2015

Grab its neck and don't let go

Things I have learned in the two months that I have owned a Bully Breed...

People believe the hysteria about pitbulls and cannot tell them apart from other breeds. Lucy Liu is an American Bulldog. Patriotic as fuck!

Being all muscle doesn't equate to being remotely badass. Seriously, her own farts have frightened her.

The fart game is no longer fun.

I must close the bathroom door securely or I will have a massive head trying to block the... stream.

Piddling is dogspeak for, I swear I won't hurt you! I'm a sweet, sweet girl! 

She rarely barks so pay damn good attention when she does.

Bullys make great chew toys for annoying little dogs.

NEVER fuck with her food.

Size does not matter; if you have a lap, she'll make herself fit.

She picked me, I had no say in the decision.

This bitch is the best gift TGB ever got me.
Dogs are a reflection of the person they rescued. Please stop stigmatizing any breed. And do please correct misinformation when you see it being spread.

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