Tuesday, February 17, 2015

C'mon and take a chance

If my wife ever makes duck lips while being photographed I will have no choice but to leave her.

I was just looking at an article about a model in Australia and she gives duck lips in every single pic. No amount of awesome tits can make that shit enjoyable.

Lips done right.
We're in the midst of a mild storm today. I won't complain about taking my two morons out for walks in the rain because a friend of mine had to put one of his down yesterday. Perspective is a bitch.

Here's a thing I wrote while working on a piece for a magazine:

I was not born here. I do belong here. I am of the sea and the sounds and the salt air that envelope this place. I call it home because my life makes the most sense when I am here. This place is a salve at times of pain, a song in times of great joy, a dance with a beautiful woman. When I am no more my ashes will be dumped into the deepest parts of the bay so that I may spend eternity deep in the heart of the place I call home. 

I wrote it while working on a piece for this magazine. It was a sort of primer that got my creative juices flowing. There was no place else to put it and I am feeling very lazy today. God bless copy and paste. 

Stay dry.

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