Saturday, January 24, 2015

When your back's against the wall

Busy morning looking for head shots. No, not that kind you sick bastard.

My friends with Photoshop are going to have fun with this
I'm the sort of dumbass who thinks, I have all my head shots on disc, I don't need to save them onto my hard drive. I then misplace said disc during the move and have to go through half a dozen still unpacked boxes just to find them.

Hey, but on the upside I am officially a paid author. I have been published before, but never paid. I like this way more.

Mandy Moore is available again. She is one of those women I have always thought was vastly under rated in the beauty department. Anyway, she had her shot with me, but now I am taken.

Little known fact: I wanna be with you was about me. #Truestory 

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