Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I'm about to say

Tom Selleck's Mustache.

You're welcome.

Had a great conversation about people who believe things happen for a reason. We agree they don't, they just... happen. Then I mentioned yesterday's post and got silence for a moment followed by: so there's some dog in Ohio that you didn't adopt who is dead now because you moved to paradise. Way to go. 

I laughed so fucking hard. In part because of the feigned earnestness with which it was delivered, but mostly because it was absolutely true. Every single decision you make effects countless other things/people/whatever by simply not being put into action.

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure book without the luxury of being able to skip ahead and see how each of your decisions would turn out before choosing.

I wrote something that got published in a magazine. I like it. The magazine, I mean. It's awesome if you are a HGTV-file. My story/article is cool too. Go check it out: Elite Carmel Vacation Homes Magazine

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