Friday, January 9, 2015

They say

I like natural light. Not the beer, the light. From nature. 

I had that conversation, with myself in my head a minute ago as I opened the blinds. Apparently, I need to explain myself to myself.

I hate what happened to Charlie Hedbo. I hope France does the un-American thing and responds xenophobia-free. I also hope Charlie Hedbo becomes ridiculously popular. Freedom is not a sometimes thing that only applies to what your or I think it should apply to. Freedom is an all the time, every man/woman thing.

We're in the new house. The guest room is painted so make your reservations ASAP. If I like you, you can stay for free. If I don't, the price goes up commensurate with my dislike/hatred of you. There is no tipping point, but if you are, say, my ex-wife Lisa, you better be Richard Branson rich. Ironically, Sir Richard can stay for free anytime he wants.

I love you, Rudy
Coffee. I can see the ocean from here.

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