Saturday, January 31, 2015

One man come... hehehe

So Heidi Montag's dad's an asshole.

Honestly, I had to do a Google image search to know who the hell Heidi Montag is. She is Tori Spelling if Tori Spelling was less ugly. I'll spare you the image.

Not Heidi Montag or Tori Spelling. You'r welcome.
I find myself caring about a lot less things these days, But, the things I care about I care about more passionately.

I might give up football. At least, I am toying with the possibility. I absolutely loathe Roger Goodell and he is shitting all over the game I love. Couple that with living on a beach and spending more and more time outside... there may come a time when I say go fuck yourself to the NFL. 

This has taken an hour to type because I keep leaning back in my chair and staring at the ocean. 

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