Monday, January 26, 2015

Just go away

I haven't slept well or much in about a week. Don't feel bad for me, feel bad for TGB. She's been sick as a dog and coughing all night. All while still having to report for duty. There are no sick days in the military.

Broken hand? Here's some Motrin!

Ebola? Here's some cold medicine!

One of the above actually happened to me during my enlistment. I don't miss it. After being on hold for an hour last night, she called and got an appointment to be seen this morning. The days of just walking into sick bay seem to be a thing of the past. After 8 days of swallowing razor blades and coughing up a lung, she was sent to work with cough drops.

Fortunately, her commander is smarter than her doctor and she just walked in the door.
A modest proposal: when it comes to our military personnel's health we don't go with the lowest bidder.

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