Friday, January 16, 2015

It's not warm when she's away

It's the first sunny day since TGB has been away. It's mostly been raining and miserable. Makes for short dog walks and lots of garage time for the mutts. Which is nice for me in the house.

Bill Withers should have been inducted into the R-n-R HOF a long, long time ago. Glad they finally got that shit right.

It ain't gonna make itself.
I just pressed down on my French Press coffee maker (thanks momma-in-law!). I am officially a pretentious twat. But dammit, this is delicious!

I knew a couple who used to bring a French Press into work and make it at lunch. They thought they were sophisticated as fuck. Sometimes I would spit in their glass carafe (which really looks more like a oversized beaker that just happens to be missing it's Bunsen burner) and giggle to myself as they drank me.

Yes, yes drink me, let me fill your soul, I am a part of you now... 

I'm stupid.

The only man who should ever cover a Bill Withers song is Sting. Sorry overly hairy dude from The Voice.

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