Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Incompetence and the infinite sadness

For two glorious days I had home interwebs. Then I lost it for three days. Because Mediacom is prone to doing Mediacomesque things. In this particular instance they turned off the internet in my new home while turning it back on in the old one because they thought... I fucking don't know what they thought. Mind you, this is the same company that sent my TiVo equipment to California after we left the state for Florida - where we were going to need said equipment. Also, we told them to send it to Florida.

We ditched their cable, but they have the internet monopoly here so we're stuck with them there.

Mediacom, we suck because fuck you. 

The Gorgeous Blonde is on a cruise with her momma. I am alone with two dogs who happen to be on time out because they happen to be little assclowns. Lucy Liu refuses to pee outside. She poops out there, but heaven forbid she piss on grass when carpet is so much more absorbent. And Dexter is just an asshole.

I have to go send Mediacom their TiVo equipment back. I should send it to California.

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