Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I think I'm cursed

I walked into the garage after walking Dexter to find a scared Lucy Liu and a big white car pulling into my garage. Good to see she is so fierce. Anyway, it was TGB coming home sick. I warned her that making out with cabana boys on her cruise would lead to disease, but did she listen? Noooooo.

You do know that when Hollywood makes a biopic it's more pic than bio, right? Accuracy is more a happy coincidence than a prerequisite.

I was talking more about American Sniper, but this works.
Is it weird that I am aroused by TGB being sick and pathetic as a dog? Yeah, probably. Mmmmm she's so flegmy. Spit it on my face.

Okay, I just took that way too far even for me.

Speaking of sex music, crank it and throw someone down on something hard. Have a nice day.

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