Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I still don't know what this all means

Yesterday I ran into the woman who recommended I check out Lucy Liu. She splits her time working at the Humane Society and waitressing at Mango Marley's and, since spend a fair amount of time at Mango's, I was surprised I hadn't into her in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday when I went in to pick up my to-go order she was there and it was a sweet moment. She really loved Lucy Liu and got rather emotional when I showed her pictures and told her the adoption was finalized last Thursday. She's a sweet soul.

It made me think about people crossing paths and all that deep shit. It made me do a whole degrees of separation in my head last night as I lay awake listening to the dulcet tones of TGB hacking up a lung.

As expected, it lead back to Kevin Bacon
Go back far enough and you'll have more than a few holy shit moments. Like, holy shit, if TGB doesn't get diagnosed with cancer she ends up in Afghanistan (I don't want to think about the possibilities) and at the very least our time frame for leaving California is changed so even if we do end up here in Mexico Beach (which would be far less likely) we wouldn't have arrived in time to save Lucy Liu.

I love Lucy Liu; I would have preferred my wife not had cancer.

The Universe is a weird place.

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