Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fly down to Mexico (Beach)

I have a default around cops that stems from being brown and growing up in LA. I cringe when I see them, quietly hope they'll keep right on going, and get a sense of aww fuck when they don't.

I am not saying cops are bad. I am simply saying I prefer never having to interact with them. Enough white friends ask, do they always make you get in the back of their car when they pull you over and you start to realize they do it a little different with you and simply prefer to avoid them.

So last night a Mexico City cop got to bear (bare?) the brunt of my defensive (read: shitty) attitude when I was out walking Lucy Liu. He stopped across the street from my house and hit my general area with his light. My first thought was, what the fuck now? I may have even muttered a WTF out loud. I know I turned to him (and noticed his light wasn't pointed directly at me so much as over my head into my trees where we have bears sightings which made me almost shit my pants but not before) saying, can I help you with something? In a not-so-unassholish tone.

Sorry, sir -

In my head: sir? Did a mothafucking cop just call me sir? And yes, it was in Samuel L voice in my head.

- I'm checking on the streetlights. Have a great night! 

Then he drives off to the next light, repeats, moves on to the next, repeat...

It should never be a surprise when a person of color gets treated with a sense of dignity by the police, but it still is. I could get used to it.

Coffee, drive to to Tampa time :-/

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