Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cookies and milk, it's what's for breakfast

I know I broke from the typical tradition of song lyric titles, but I didn't wake up with a song in my head this morning. I woke up with a hankering for cookies. I bought enough mix for 24 but I ended up making 8 big ones. Made more sense.

Plus, I can say, I'll just have one and mean it.

Remember kids, growing up does have some perks.

So John Boehner's daughter married a Jamaican. There's a crappy Ice Cube comedy in there waiting to be written.

Guess who's coming to the State House, man. Starring Snoop Dog as the Senator's always high as a mothafucka son-in-law. Uptight war on drugs fighting legislator learns good weed goes a long way in making his shitty child tolerable.

You're welcome, Cube. Just invite me to the premiere and include a gift bag and we'll call it even.

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