Saturday, December 13, 2014

You didn't even seem to mind

In Kansas you can buy a former missile silo and turn into a home. Seriously. Sometimes I want one. But the views suck.

I'm getting a little depressed. No, not because it's the holidays (that's an overblown myth by the way). It's because I can see the end of football season on the horizon.

Umm, I said football, not soccer.

How far along would humanity be if we had never invented gods? I mean, look at places like Texas and Kansas trying to undermine science classes in schools. Look at our own government trying to do the same at the highest levels. Imagine if, as a species, we poured as much effort and energy into scientific discovery as we pour into proselytizing and warring for our gods.

I think if you do stuff to your face, we get to talk about it. It's your face for fuck sake, we all have to look at it. I thought of that yesterday watching the latest St. Jude commercial. Marlo Thomas, you used to be pretty. Stop using my money to ruin your face.

I was going to post a picture of her noggin, but I like you too much. 

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