Sunday, December 7, 2014

We are the dealers

Doggy poop bags, unlike condoms, should never be super-duper thin.

You will pick up my poop, and you will like it! ~Dexter 
I am paraphrasing, of course.

Ohio State deserves to be the fourth team in the college playoffs. If you are a co-champ, you're not a champ, you're sharing a glorified participation trophy. I'm looking at you, TCU.

I have always wondered why athletes love touching one another's asses so much.

Here we see an owner using his position to grope the help.
Listening to ESPN NFL analysts talk about social issues is like listening to Jesus freaks talk about science. Ridiculous is the word.

I hate cancer.

That's apropos of nothing, it just sometimes hits me that cancer is dirty cuntfaced assfuck that needs to be dick punched repeatedly.

I need coffee.

Ohhhhhh, yesterday there was sooooooooo much fog! It was awesome. The kind of fog that made the world around you disappear completely.

A horror movie waiting to happen.
I stood there and watched people appear and disappear as they walked down the beach. Yep, it was still warm enough to visit the beach.

Okay, now I'm taking my coffee to the beach.

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