Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh what joy for every girl and boy

I hate football.

The Chargers blew a valiant defensive effort by shitting the bed on offense. There are tiny little things that happen in a game that, if you are as astute as the mental giant that is moi and notice such things, change the game long before the final seconds tick off.

On a third down Philip Rivers had an open field in front of him for a first down run - even as slow as he is. Instead of taking off, he hesitated and delayed his run by an eternity and came up short leading to a punt attempt that was blocked while knocking all world kicker, Mike Scifres out of the game. I knew the game was over after those two plays, it was just a matter of how the Chargers were going to lose.

Yes, but we're all very, very sad.
My Buckeye is a happy girl. At least until they actually line up across from Alabama.

The highlight of yesterday's Raider win: my little brother found his text message feature for the first time this season. I have missed you, little guy, but your team still sucks.

I have to go walk the dog. Did I mention the thin poop bags? Yeah, my hand is still warm from the poop ten minutes after the walk. I cannot wash enough to get the feeling of dirty off.

Forever unclean!
I still hate football.

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