Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nothing I can do...

Last night's Chargers game encapsulated everything I love/hate about them. I was exhausted by the end of it; emotionally, mentally, physically.

Full on Inception last night. Was hanging with dad, then woke up realizing it was a dream, then realized the waking up was a dream so I tried to really wake up, but fell asleep and was back with dad, didn't want to wake up, woke up in the dream sad, cried myself awake to another dream where I was having to empty out dad's house and some assholes  were trying to steal some of his shit, had to straight up regulate, woke up again in the dream, cried some more, then woke up for real. I think. Unless this is still a dream.

I also dreamed about Shirley Manson.

I said, "no." That's how I know it was a dream.
All jokes aside about how shitty The Interview is, we are absolute pussies for pulling it from theaters.

Who'd a thought that driving planes into buildings was not the way to go.
My sister drunk texted me this last night. Enjoy...

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