Monday, December 15, 2014

Life is about love

I am in mourning. The Newsroom has ended. Television just got dumber.

My Chargers suck. But they could still make the playoffs. Then lose. Again.

This made me laugh. I feel better now.
Last night I had a black bear in the yard. He was a big boy. I had never seen a bear outside of the zoo before then. Dexter chased him away. Honestly, I think Dexter wanted to play with him more than anything.

Life is made up of minutes and hours that fill the space between memories. Waste less of those minutes and hours and make lots more memories.

I hate sounding pithy. But that happens when I have a heavy heart. A beautiful little girl I know got the news that the cancer is back. No little girl (or boy) should ever have to fight that fight.

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