Sunday, November 16, 2014

You'd be like heaven to touch

Why do women bash other women for being feminists as though it's a bad thing? I mean, they're are very literally saying, "I hate people who believe I should be equal to men!" 

Don't worry ladies, a man looked it up for you.
But Rudy, I don't burn my bra and I shower.

Good for you, you're not a hippy! But if you believe you should be treated every bit my equal, you are a feminist.

But Rudy - 

Shhhhhh, a man is talking.

Oh, I apologize.

Good girl.

Basically, the only way you are not a feminist is if you think women don't deserve to have equal standing to men.

Aha! I am anti-abortion!

Great! It's your body, you have every right to choose to keep whatever ugly miscreant you create with whatever and however many men you want. You also have every right to expect not to be called a whore for it!


Now aren't you glad you had a man explain it to you?

It's too cold for the beach. I'm going back to bed.

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