Monday, November 3, 2014

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I like sleeping with a chill, I hate waking up to a cold house.

That makes me interesting. Or a pain in the ass to live with. Yeah, let's go with interesting.

I have realized one thing that I thoroughly love about the cold weather in Mexico Beach - I get the beach all to myself in the mornings. Although yesterday morning I could still hear the annoying fucking kids that visit next door all the way from the shoreline.

Today's PSA
I hate the Chargers.

As I type this, Dexter is on the floor in my line of sight (site?) chasing his tail. His foot gets in the way sometimes, ends up in his mouth, and he spits it out with disdain. On the occasion that he gets around this tricky foot and actually catches his tail, the same dastardly foot kicks him in the head and dislodges his grip on his tail.

That's an apt metaphor for how the Chargers played yesterday in Miami.

Coffee beach time.