Thursday, November 13, 2014

With you, my life has been...

Correction: Loving Day is June 12. I screwed up because I allowed inspiration to exceed my coffee intake. Mea culpa.

Today is Loving Day.

Loving Day is the anniversary that celebrates the SCOTUS Loving v. Virginia ruling that struck down the Virginia law that made interracial marriages illegal. If you haven't seen The Loving Story, please do. If you're in biracial relationship, remember that they were a big part of why no one can tell you who you can or cannot love.

No one should ever be deprived of the right to love another human being. No one.

It's cold today. I had to wear a hoodie while walking Dexter this morning.

I need to get back to the stage. Now that we're mostly settled (until the big move come January) I need to go find some stage time and knock off the rust.

I'm the good looking one in the hat.
I caught myself missing it last night apropos of nothing at all. I was just laying in bed drifting off and I just... missed it. I will never get back on the road full time again, but I do have to perform. There's a balance to be found, I'm sure.

Instead of coffeebeachtime today, I have to run to the commissary. I am responsible as fuck!

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