Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shoot 'em up

Apparently, it is very cold in Buffalo.

I empathize.
It's so cold here that no one else ventures onto the beach. At least, not without a sweater. Nah, but seriously, it gets cold at night.

I'm exhausted. Barky McFuckface woke me up at 0600 (I went to bed at 0400), then again at 0700, and 0800 before I finally muzzled his ass. I suppose the muzzle is better suited for his face. See, I can't even write a funny sentence.

That's Sir Barky McFuckface to you.
TGB goes back to days soon for a month. Her schedule is going to be in a state of perpetual fluctuation. Hopefully the 12 hour shifts will get cut to 8 in the new year.

Florida State shooting last night. I am as unsurprised as you. Ebola kills one American and we go fucking nuts... you know the rest.

Coffee's ready. I'm taking my sweater to the beach.