Monday, November 17, 2014

Joss does it better

First, sorry for the lateness of this. I know hope you'll nag chastise forgive me this one time because you're an asshole amazing and kind person.

After her third 12 hour shift, The Gorgeous Blonde had to go get her hair did and I drove her because sleep deprivation kills. While she got her hairs did, I walked the mean streets of Port St. Joe and met a handful of people who made me fall a little more in love with the area. I'll cover that later this week on coffeebeachtime.

For the uninitiated, Port St. Joe is a neighbor to Mexico Beach about 10 miles away and part of the whole Forgotten Coast.

Here is a picture of a bird.
Her hair looks awesome, thanks for asking. Insensitive jerk.

I keep seeing emails signed best regards. If you want me to take you seriously as an adult, never do that. You come across as a moron who is trying to sound smart. That's my job.

I need a nap.

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