Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm back to run the show

I've always been a tumbleweed. I've lived in more places than I can count. I love that about my life.

Her: We should buy a house together.

Me: But then I would be stuck in one place. 

That was the beginning of the end of more than a couple of relationships. I always knew that conversation was the death knell. I was always okay with it.

I thought about that as I walked Dexter this morning. Our walk always takes us past our soon to be new home. And I got to thinking about the different times I have had the above conversation and wondered what was different this time.

The view., that's what's different! (this is from one of our balconies)

This doesn't end with an actual answer. Just random thoughts that maybe make it all make sense.

I love TGB. I love where we are geographically, emotionally, even spiritually (yeah, that's a conversation you probably want to have. I've made the mistake of not having it and it has ended even more relationships than the buying a house one. I'm a bit of a relationship whore). My age and constitution I'm sure play a part. I'm past the point of liking to be constantly on the go and I've stopped trying to see beyond the horizon to the next great thing. Even that annoying fucking dog who likes to kick dirt on me when I pick up his shit is a factor.

Maybe it's as simple as I can finally stand to be in my own skin.

I dunno. This is some heavy shit.


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