Friday, November 21, 2014

I believed from the minute the check left my hand

Free dog to a person willing to torture his face relentlessly. Seriously, if you own a cosmetic company and need a test animal, call me.

So effing sleepy because Barky McDooshnozzle ... oh hell, you know already. The new house has the bedrooms on the third floor, the garage (and a closet) on the ground floor. Mwahahahahahaaha!!

Dexter, meet your new dungeon... er, home.
Did I tell you we're moving up our closing date? Yeah, we move in just before Christmas. Homesteading tax laws blah, blah, blah. Google it if you're interested. Just know, it's saving us money next year to be in by January 1.

Obamasocialistcsarcommiepinko did a cool thing last night. I know, it's un-murican to keep families together if one of them is here illegally, but still. It's what Socialist Jesus would do. (I specified so you would not confuse SJ with RJ {Republican Jesus})

Shoot their asses back to Meheeco is what.
I love Christ Cornell's voice. Have a day.

In my times driving across the country I have lost my voice and killed my throat screaming (cuz singing is not something I do) this song at the top of my lungs more than once. So worth it. Play it loud.


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