Tuesday, November 4, 2014

He sings songs, he slays dragons

It's election day. This is that thing so many men fought and died for around 1776 so get off your ass and leave no chad hanging.

More than anything, I am looking forward to not having to see Nanci Pelosi on my television over and over again. In Florida. Fuck you, Steve Southerland.

I told you we're hosting a Beans On Toast party/show on March 11. Well, that just got changed to March 18. If you're in the Florida Panhandle then, come to the show.

He's standing on a wooden chair

I have no deep thoughts today, I always think of things I wish I'd told you after I post. I think, I should write into a draft for tomorrow, but that feels like cheating.

Little rant... what the fuck is up with cable/dish providers not being able to follow simple fucking instructions? Mediacom sends our Tivo to our old address after being told explicitly, repeatedly (and slowly) to send them to our new home (where the Tivos were to be installed). Awesome. As I type this, TGB is on the phone with DirecTV because for the SECOND time in a row they have sent packaging to our old address after I sat here and watched her tell them explicitly to send them to Florida. Maybe the third time will be the charm. Or maybe they don't really want their shit back.

That said, if you kids can avoid getting Mediacom, avoid it. I wish the logisitic snafu was their only fuck up. They are the one thing I have hated in my time in Florida.

Coffee beach time

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