Friday, November 7, 2014

Happiness more or less

It's Inspection Day! (A holiday in Chez Martinez) The new place is getting inspected this morning which caused me to jump out of bed hours before I otherwise would because I am a huge nerd like that.

Getting up extra early meant I got to take Dexter out on his morning walk! HOW LUCKY AM I???

For my troubles, he is now back in bed curled up next to The Gorgeous Blonde. Jerk.

It's like Facebook doesn't even get me anymore.
Dear Facebook, I cannot in good conscience give to the fight against Ebola as I am the founding member of #TeamEbola and as such I am cheering for Ebola to win this fight. In fact, stop fucking with Ebola you big jerk.

Superman has killed more people than Ebola. Let that sink in. Yeah, maybe we're focusing on the wrong shit. Did you ever think of that, Facebook?

Speaking of TGB, she wrote a thing. I'm as shocked as you are.


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